The Anatomy of the Trump Supporter


The Reality Star Candidate

Donald Trump is a larger than life figure. People have become used to seeing “The Donald” coming into their homes via reality TV.  As a result, supporter feel like they “know” him.  But do they?  Again, what you see is NOT what you get.   These supporters see stars versus substance.  The real Donald Trump doesn’t exist to them, because that’s not who they got used to seeing.  No matter what Trump does people will excuse or defend it like they would someone in their family.  You never want to think badly of a family member.  Simplistic, yes but true none the less.


The Means to an End Candidate

People are angry and rightly so.  We have been sold a bill of goods time in and time out.  We have been reassured that this time, if you vote for me and give me your trust, I won’t let you down.  But they do, again and again.  Now, people are so sick of it, they will vote for anyone they “believe” isn’t part of the “establishment”.  So here comes larger than life Donald Trump who resonates anger which these people find appealing.  Remember the movie quote: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”  These people are angry and Donald Trump gives them an outlet to display this anger.


The I Will Wave My Principles Candidate

This one to me is the most troubling.  The people who against Obamacare, Common Core, 2A, TARP, Bailouts, Abortion are now gleefully supporting Donald Trump who has supported all of these things at one time or another.  SMH!  This is sincerely concerning that good people would follow a man whose general principles and behaviors are polar opposite than their own.  These people are so desperate for change that they will follow a man lacking any moral compass.  When did character stop mattering?


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