An Open Letter to the RNC

From the heart I can say, Count me out GOP as well.

Liberty Cannon Media Group

An Open Letter to the Republican National Committee

When I was 13 years, 10 days old I witnessed the release of the American hostages held in Tehran and became a believer in Ronald Reagan. On that day, I became a Republican. As a college student and Gulf War veteran in 1992, I was one of the few outspoken Conservatives on campus. I was a Republican and proud. As I returned to the Army in 1995, I remained a patriot, a conservative, and a Republican because I was appalled that my country had elected a philandering, lying, narcissistic jerk to the Oval Office.

I believed in President George W. Bush and defended him as Commander-in-Chief when others would speak poorly of him. I defended the USA PATRIOT Act because I knew we needed to keep our nation safe. I believed my nation would never spy on her own citizens, and that…

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